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Oh, weddings. When I think on this subject I have to admit that I feel kinda nervous. I feel nervous because in the near future I will say “yes” too and for a man this is a reason to freak out. I love my fiancé so don’t get me wrong but butterflies are butterflies.

 So…this post is about weddings in general and some of the important stuff that play a big role in this probably once in a lifetime event.  My fiancé is already freaking out about her wedding dress and doesn't know which one she should pick. The upside of this is that we have internet (hip hip hooray) and we, I mean she found a cool website called Cocomelody where you can find literally every model of every possible wedding dress you can ever imagine in your life. I know it must sound incredibly but these are not really my words. This is almost exactly what my fiancé said a few times when she was surfing the website. These three are her favorites:

Why do I post about it? Excellent question, dear reader!

I write about this for the simple reason that I’m happy for my girl and for myself of course and  because I can stay safe thinking that she will pick her perfect dress (in her vision) from the category beach wedding dresses.  Beside that on the website I mentioned up you have 2016 wedding dresses category  so you can say that the website it’s up to date.

Oh wait there is more. If you are woman you have to know that if you buy for 150$ or more you get a 15$ discount just by using a simple cod that is: ”wedding15”. So, good luck with that and spend your money wisely and with good taste.

In the end I have to say that I will dress with a nice blazer and some cool pants that I already have. Some brown boots will take me there very confident. A nice white shirt and some braces that will make me look like a guy from out of space. In a good way, of course. 

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